The Centre

The "Interdepartmental Center for Crystallography" (CrisDi) was established in accordance with art. 20 of the current University Statute, on 27.06.13 (D.R.n.3904)
The purpose of CrisDi is to bring together skills in the field of Crystallography with particular reference to diffractometric methods. In the Departments of the University that initially join the Center (art.3), there are teaching staff, researchers and technicians with advanced knowledge in this field.
This knowledge and their transfer to first, second and third level teaching will be further enhanced by the action coordinated by the Center, aimed at new research and applications.
Crystallography is transversal and indispensable for the development of many branches of scientific research of a chemical, physical, geological, environmental and biological type.
In particular, the Center intends to contribute:

  • the study of property structure relationships for the design and production of crystalline substances with particular chemical, physical, technological and pharmacological properties;
  • the structural, experimental and theoretical characterization of natural and synthetic crystalline materials and their applications.

The CrisDi has the purpose of:

  • to promote the knowledge and diffusion of crystallography, both nationally and internationally;
  • encourage cultural exchange and scientific collaborations between members;
  • enhance the existing fleet and update it following new technologies;
  • make research in this area more competitive.